Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cross Channel Marketing for Hospitality Week 1

Cross Channel Sales and Marketing Strategy - Week 1

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Open a file -print out this page, as some information needs to be written on it, which we will use at a later stage.

Gather all of your printed collateral into one place and review it for consistency of brand, updated info and contact details. Make changes for the next print run so that the same mistakes do not appear – for future printing add QR codes.
To design your QR code go to INVX All you have to do is type your info such as website URL into the box provided, decide on the colour scheme and size. Copy the QR code as an image file. This can then be given to your printer for inclusion on all future print material. Watch the demo to understand how QR codes may be used.

Open a folder on your computer with the above title “Cross Channel Sales and Marketing Strategy”. Open sub-folders; Social Media, Digital Media, Website, UserNames, Analysis, Training

What did you spend on sales and marketing in 2010?
What ROI (return on investment) did you get, e.g. for each €/$/£ spent – was it 2:1, 5:1. If you find it difficult to answer this don't feel alone! Take your ad and marketing spend – divide it into your nett turnover and work on that ratio for the moment. Not at all scientific but we will get there for 2011.

What will you spend on sales and marketing in 2011?
What ROI do you expect?

What is the Average Occupancy Rate for your peer group?
What is your Average Occupancy Rate?

What is the Average Room Rate for your peer group?
What is your Average Room Rate?

What is your Average Daily Rate for your peer group?
What is your Average Daily Rate?

What is your ADR, ARR, Occupancy forecast for 2011?
What is your budgeted turnover for 2011?
What is your nett projected profit/loss?

Ascertain if you have Google Analytics set up on your website. Go to your website → View → Page Source → Edit → Find ….. Google-Analytics. If you are not able to do this speak to your Webmaster and ask them to set it up for you if it is not already in place. View the Google Analytics Tour to understand it's importance.

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