Friday, August 20, 2010

Are You in Control of Your Business?

There was a time when taking shortcuts was frowned upon.  In today's fast paced work environment we need all of the help we can get.  While content and relevance need to be applied to whatever we do, speed is of the essence.  We are all on an information highway to nowhere, so how do we sift throught the information overload and ensure that we are keeping current with today's trends today.  My recommendation is to find "mentors" who will do most of the "sifting" for you. Thanks to the Web and Social Media, it is now easy to find experts for any topic and to receive relevant information via RSS feeds, social pages, UTube etc.  There is basically a "how to" for everything out there.  Stay away from the "theory" mongers and focus in on the "how to" experts as these add real value to your time input.  The first step for any business - new and existing is a business plan. Over the course of the next weeks we will be starting a programme to help you on your way.  Share this with others who might also need some help.