Monday, September 27, 2010

Entrepreneurs' Live Business Plan 2

Today's To Do List

Initially, I called this tutorial "The Poor Man's Business/Life Plan", because most of the people I talk to at the moment are very short of time, money, energy and options. That is why this tutorial will be done on a free basis, recommending free resource or resource that offers free trials without any kind of commitment.  I have spent the last year researching what is on offer and there is some great free stuff out there. So let's get started.

On yesterday's blog I asked the question - "What is it you want?" The answer of course is "to be happy". Others may describe it as being fulfilled, joyful, or valued, but the general consensus is that we all aspire to happiness. Different things make each one of us happy - this is where we are all unique. So there is a simple solution to our problems - do less of what makes you unhappy and more of what makes you happy. If you reflect on your day today, you will have experienced a range of emotions. There is a lot to be said for acknowledging the good in our lives, whether in the form of prayer, talking to our angels, sharing it with friends or family.  

Very often we don't realise how lucky we are because we get caught up in "stuff". Most of us are finding it very difficult to maintain balance in our lives.  When we are out of balance we become ill. We can drastically improve the balance in our lives by making some very small adjustments. This is a good time, to measure your current status.  Complete the Wheel of Life exercise to benchmark where you are now. You can copy the image and give yourself a rating on the actual wheel. The "10" on the external of the circle is the maximum number of points that you can allocate. Then we can focus on getting you to where you would like to be. For those of you who are 100% happy with every aspect of your lives right now, well done!  If you would like some inspiration towards achieving better balance I recommend embracing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, S. Covey  

Tomorrow, we can start on the "how" of getting there, once we have ascertained the starting and finishing points. Like I said before it's as easy as 1,2,3!   

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